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ch 2 vocab

Stack #146310

amendment Changes in
articles of confederation The first governing document of the confederated states drafted in 1777
antifederalists Opponents of ratification of the Constitution and of a strong central government
bill of attainder A law that declares a person
bill of rights A list of individual rights and liberties
checks and balances Constitutional grant of powers that enables each of the three branches of government to check some acts of the others and therefore ensure that no branch can dominate.
coalition An alliance among different interest groups (factions) or parties to achieve some political goal. An example is the coalition sometimes formed between Republicans and conservative Democrats.
constitutional convention The convention in Philadelphia
ex post facto law Ex post facto is a Latin term meaning “after the fact.” A law that makes criminal and act that was legal when it was committed
faction A term the founders used to refer to political parties and special interests or interest groups.
federalism Constitutional arrangement in which power is distributed between a central government and subdivisional governments
federalists Supporters of ratification of the Constitution and of a strong central government.
federalist papers Essays promoting ratification of the Constitution
great compromise Compromise agreement by states at the Constitutional Convention for a bicameral legislature with a lower house in which representation would be based on population and an upper house in which each state would have two senators.
judicial review The power of a court to refuse to enforce a law or a government regulation that in the opinion of the judges conflicts with the U.S. Constitution or
line-item veto The power of an executive to veto some provisions in an appropriations bill while approving others. The president does not have the right to exercies this veto and must approve or reject an entire appropriations bill.
republic A form of democracy in which power is vested in representatives selected by means of popular competitive elections.
seperation of powers Constitutional division of powers among the legislative
shay's rebellion Rebellion led by Daniel Shays of farmers in western Massachusetts in 1786-1787
writ of habeas corpus A Latin term meaning “you shall have the body.” A court order directing a police officer
unalienable Based on nature and Providence rather than on the preferences of people.
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