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BLACKWELL Chapter 6 Business Law-Personal Injury Law

tort Private or civil wrong against an induvidual.
intentional tort Civil wrong where injury results from an intended act.
assault Threatening harmful or offensive touching of another.
battery Harmful or offensive touching of another.
false imprisonment Depriving a person of freedom of movement without the person's consent.
defamation Any false statement which harms the reputation of another.
invasion of privacy Unwelcome and unlawful intrusion into one's private life causing outrage, mental suffering, or humiliation.
trespass Entry onto the land or property of another with the owner's consent.
conversion Stealing, destroying, or otherwise using personal property in a manner inconsistent with the owner's rights.
fraud Intentional misrepresentation of an existing, material fact.
negligence Doing what a reasonable person would not, or failing to do what a reasonable person would.
strict liability Absolute responsibility for injury resulting from an inherently dangerous act, product, or service.
damages Monetary award to an injured party to compensate for loss.
evidence Anything that a trial judge allows to be presented to the jury to help prove or disprove alleged facts.
testimony Statements made by witnesses under oath.
subpoena A court order commending a witness to appear in court to testify.
verdict The jury's decision.
judgment The final result of a civil trial--damages for the plaintiff, or "for the defendant".
plaintiff The party who initiates a civil action in court.
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