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Vocab Test 2

Bio 201

coccy- cuckoo
cochlea snail shell
coel- hollow
commis- united
concha shell
contra- against, opposite
corn-, cornu- horn
corona crown
corp- body
cort- bark
cost- rib
crani- skull
crypt- hidden
cusp- pointed
cutic- skin
cyan- blue
cyst- sac, bladder
cyt- cell
de- undoing, reversal, loss, removal
decid- falling off
delta triangular
den-, dent- tooth
dendr- tree, branch
derm- skin
desm- bond
di- twice, double
dia- through, between
dialys- separate, break apart
diastol- stand apart
diure- urinate
dors- the back
duc-, duct lead, draw
dura hard
dys- difficult, faulty, painful
ec-, ex-, ecto- out, outside, away from
ectop- displaced
edem- swelling
ef- away
ejac- to shoot forth
embol- wedge
en-, em- in, inside
enceph- brain
endo- within, inner
entero- intestine
epi- over, above
erythr- red
eso- within
eu- well
excret- separate
exo outside, outer layer
extra- outside, beyond
extrins- from the outside
fasci-, fascia- bundle, band
fenestr- window
ferr- iron
flagell whip
flat- blow, blown
folli- bag, bellows
fontan- fountain
foram- opening
foss- ditch
gam-, gamet- married, spouse
gangli- swelling or knot
gastr- stomach
gene beginning, origin
germin- grow
gero-, geront- old man
gest- carried
glauc- gray
glom- ball
glosso- tongue
gluco-, glyco- gluconeogenesis, the production of glucose from non-carbohydrate molecules
glute- buttock
gnost- knowing
gompho- nail
gon-, gono- seed, offspring
Created by: md_grimes



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