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week 20

spelling, content, workshop, dolsch

oven place providing heat for baking
pleasure something of great joy
treasure something of great wealth
clever very smart
royal in the family of a king or queen
hamburger round patty normally made from beef
shiny bright
ache a pain
gentle easy
stopping coming to a halt
recipe list of ingredients
ingredients items put together to make something new
content to be satisfied
camouflage to blend in
into smallest compound word
hoping looking for joy
thirty number word between twenty-nine and thirty-one
corn yellow, seeded, vegetable
yellow bright color
bunch a group
boil cook until it begins to evaporate
ponies more than one pony
so therefore
scared to be frightened
kitchen place for cooking or eating
measured checked the amount
fruit seeded food which grows on trees or vines
migrate to move to another place
bowl rounded object to put food in
juice a drink made from fruit
rough hard
colorful full of color
bright very shiny
bigger comparing the size of two things
awful very bad
directions the order in which to do or travel
present to be here or a gift
large big
says to speak out loud
today right now
wash to clean
aunt the sister of your mom or dad
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