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A&P Ch.5

Integumentary System

What is the most external system, covers the body? Integumentary system
What consists of skin, hair, nails, and subcutaneous tissue? Integumentary system
What are the two major layers of the skin? Outer epidermis Inner dermis
Another name for skin? Epidermis
The cells are keratinocytes; the epidermis has several layers; thickest on the palms is called? Stratified Squamous Keratinizing Epithelium
What is the innermost layer; where mitosis takes place? Stratum Germinativum
What is the outer most layer; cells have died; all that's left is keratin which is waterproof is called? Stratum Corneum
What are receptors (sense of touch) called? Merkel cells
What is Phagocytic (triggers immune system) ? Langerhans cells
What produces melanin? Melanocytes
What is from cholesterol? Vitamin D Production
What has collagen and elastin fibers? Irregular fibrous connective tissue
What has many capillaries? Papillary layer
What is blood flow through the dermis helps regulate body temperature? Arterioles
In a warm environment your arterioles? Dilate
In a cold environment your arterioles? Constrict
What is dermis? Glands
What secrete sebum? Sebaceous glands?
What secretes cerumen (ear)? Ceruminous glands
Scent glands (axilla & genital areas) Apocrine Glands (sweat glands)
What is watery sweat for temperature regulation? Eccrine Glands (sweat glands)
What is superficial fascia? Subcutaneous Tissue
Collagen & elastin; its tissue fluid contains many white blood cells is? Areolar Connective Tissue
Energy storage, cushion is? Adipose Tissue
What are receptors for pain or heat? Free nerve endings
What prevents loss of water? Stratum corneum
What secretion helps regulate body temperature? Eccrine Glands
What constricts in response to cold? Arterioles
What produces pigment in response response to UV rays? Melanocytes
What regenerates the epidermis? Stratum Germinativum
Receptors for touch are called? Encapsulated nerve endings
What is the strong protein of the dermis? Collagen
Created by: KGreer04