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BLaw Ch. 1--Ethics

The importance of ethics in law.

Enforceable rules of conduct in society. Laws
Law based on the current standards of the people. Common Law
Laws set down by a higher authority to prevent disputes and wrongs from happening. Positive Law
King Henry II created these two important contributions to law. King's Bench and the jury
Courts use prior court cases as a guide for deciding new cases. Precedent
Three levels of government that create law. Federal, state, and local
Four forms of law include: constitutions, statutes, case law, and administrative law.
This doctrine requires that lower courts must follow established case law when deciding similar cases. Doctrine of stare decisis
Williams vs U.S. Government Constitutional law
Williams vs State of Wisconsin Statute law
Williams vs City of Neenah Ordinance law
Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Food and Drug Administration Administrative agencies
Laws against society. Criminal laws
Laws against individuals. Civil laws
Sets forth how rights and responsibilities can be legally exercised and enforced. Procedural law
Defines rights and duties. Substantive law
Rules that apply to business. Business law
Governs areas of sales of goods, certain aspects of banking, and leases for goods. Uniform Commercial Code
The practice of deciding what is right and wrong in a reasonable and impartial manner. Ethics
Two forms of ethics. Consequences and ethical rules
Individuals who do not obey even minor laws. scofflaws
To do what is right in the face of adversity. Integrity
Protest of open and peaceful violation of the law. Civil Disobedience
The ethical principles used in making business decisions. Business ethics
To stop something from being done. Injunction
Laws decided to be right or good when they affect the majority of people positively. Majority Rule
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