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ABATE To lessen or diminish; greatly lessen or reduce.
ABRIDGEMENT Condensation; contraction. An epitome or compendium of another and larger work, wherein the principal ideas of the larger work are summarily contained. Abridgements of law are brief digests of law, arranged alphabetically.
ABROGATE To annul, cancel, revoke, repeal, or destroy. To annul or repeal an order to rule issued by a subordinate authority; to repeal a former law by legislative act, or by usage.
ABSTRACT OF TITLE A short account of the state of the title to real estate reflecting all past ownership and any interest or rights, such as a mortgage or other liens. Necessary to verify title before purchasing property.
ABUT To reach; to touch. To touch at the end; be contiguous; join at a border or boundary; terminate on; end at; border on; reach or touch with an end.
ACCRETION The act of growing to a thing; usually applied to the gradual and imperceptible accumulation of land by natural causes, as out of the sea or a river.
ACCRUED INTEREST Interest that has been earned but is not yet received or receivable.
ACQUIESCENCE Silent agreement; knowing about an action or occurrence and remaining quietly satisfied about it, or by silence, appearing to be satisfied.
ACQUITTAL A formal legal determination that a person who has been charged with a crime is innocent.
ACT OF GOD An act occasioned exclusively by forces of nature without the interference of any human nature.
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