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OU Wheelock 37-40 Nouns

domus domus house, home f.
humus humi ground, earth, soil f.
iter itineris road, route, journey n.
rus ruris the country, countryside n.
Syracusae Syracusarum Syracuse f.
arbor arboris tree f.
dignitas dignitatis merit, prestige, dignity f.
dolor doloris pain, grief m.
odium odii hatred n.
opus operis a work, task, deed n.
oratio orationis speeck f.
pes pedis lower leg, foot m.
sator satoris sower, planter, father m
aedificium aedificii building, structure n.
iniuria iniuriae injustice, injury, wrong f.
mulier mulieris woman f.
transitus transitus passing over, transit m.
ventus venti wind m.
aes aeris bronze n.
dominus domini mater, lord m.
domina dominae mistress, lady f.
lacrima lacrimae tear f.
meta metae turning post, goal limit f.
monumentum monumenti monument n.
nasus nasi nose m.
saxum saxi rock, stone n.
vultus vultus countenance, face m.
Athenae Athenarum Athens f.
Created by: darindavis