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OU Wheelock 34-36 Verbs

egredior egredi xxx egressus sum to go out
fateor fateri xxx fassus sum to confess, admit
hortor hortari xxx hortatus sum to encourage, urge
loquor loqui xxx locutus sum to say, speak, tell
molior moliri xxx molitus sum to work at, build, undertake
morior mori xxx mortuus sum to die
nascor nasci xxx natus sum to be born, spring forth, arise
patior pati xxx passus sum to suffer, endure, permit
proficiscor proficisci xxx profectus sum to set out, start
rusticor rusticari xxx rusticatus sum to live in the country
sedeo sedere sedi sessum to sit
sequor sequi xxx secutus sum to follow
specto spectare spectavi spectatum to look at, see
utor uti xxx usus sum to use, enjoy, experience
antepono anteponere anteposui antepositum to put before, prefer
foveo fovere fovi fotum to comfort, nurture, cherish
ignosco ignoscere ignovi ignotum to grant pardon to, forgive
impero imperare imperavi imperatum to give orders to, command
miror mirari xxx miratus sum to marvel at, admire, wonder
noceo nocere nocui nocitum to do harm to, injure
nubo nubere nupsi nuptm to cover, veil, to be married to, mary
parco parcere peperci parsurum to be lenient to, spare
pareo parere parui xxx to be obedient to, obey
persuadeo persuadere persuasi persuasum to make sweet to, persuade
placeo placere placui placitum to be pleasing to, please
sapio sapere sapui xxx to have good taste, good sense, be wise
servio servire servivi servitum to be a slave to, serve
studeo studere studui xxx to direct one's zeal to, be eager for, study
subrideo subridere subrisi subrisum to smile
accedo accedere accessi accessum to come (to), approach
carpo carpere carpsi carptum to harvest, pluck, seize
cogo cogere coegi coactum to drive together, bring together, force
contemno contemnere contempsi contemptum to despise, scorn
contundo contundere contudi contusum to beat, crush, bruise, destroy
curo curare curavi curatum to care for, attend to, heal, cure
decerno decernere decrevi decretum to decide, settle, decree
exigo exigere exegi exactum to drive out, force out, complete, perfectq
fio fieri xxx factus sum to occur, happen, become, be made
oblecto oblectare oblectavi oblectatum to please, amuse, delight
oro orare oravi oratum to speak, plead, beg
recreo recreare recreavi recreatum to restore, revive, refresh
requiro requirere requisivi requisitum to seek, ask for, miss, need
sereno serenare serenavi serenatum to make clear, brighten, cheer up
arbitror arbitrari xxx arbitratus sum to judge, think
conor conari xxx contaus sum to try, attempt
cresco crescere crevi cretum to increase
Created by: darindavis