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A&P Ch.3


The smallest living units of structure and function Cells
Cell Membrane (plasma membrane) is made of? Phospholipids, cholesterol, and protein
Phospholipids form? A bilayer
Cholesterol provides? Stability
What are proteins? Transporters, antigens, and receptor sites
The cell membrane is? Selectively Permeable
The cell membrane can carry? Electric Impulses
What is the Nucleus? Control center of the cell.
Nucleus is made of? DNA, RNA, and protein
Nucleus has? Double-layer membrane with pores
The nucleus contains the ? Chromosomes of the cell
Human chromosome number? 46
Chromosomes are made of? DNA and Protein
What is DNA? The genetic material
Proteins are? Enzymes
What is a gene? The code for one protein.
Passageway Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
Protein synthesis Ribosomes
Destruction of old or damaged proteins Proteasomes
Packaging of materials for secretion from the cell Golgi Apparatus
Site of ATP production Mitochondria
Have digestive enzymes Lysosomes
Organize the spindle fibers during cell division Centrioles
Sweep materials across the cell surface Cilia
Enables a cell to move Flagellum
folds of the cell membrane on the free surface of a cell Microvilli
Protein microfilaments that give shape to a cell, support the membrane and microvilli, and provide for attachment and movement Cytoskeleton
What is a watery solution of minerals, gases, and organic molecules? Cytoplasm
What moves materials into or out of a cell? Cellular Transport Mechanisms
What copies a gene from DNA? mRNA
What is sites for mRNA? Ribosomes
mRNA copies a DNA gene is called? Transcription
When tRNA molecules assemble amino acids in proper sequence on the mRNA its called? Translation
Where is DNA found? Nucleus
Copying of the gene is? Transcription
The actual copy of the gene is? mRNA (messenger RNA)
What is one cell with the diploid number of chromosomes divides once to form two cells, each with the diploid number of chromosomes (46) ? Mitosis
what is one cell with the diploid number of chromosomes divides twice to form 4 cells, each with the haploid number of chromosomes? Meiosis
What is the human diploid number? 46
What is the human haploid number? 23
What is the cell division process that forms gametes? Meiosis
What stores the diploid number of chromosomes? Fertilization
What has one division? Mitosis
What has two divisions? Meiosis
What is for sexual reproduction? Meiosis
What is the intake of glucose by most cells called? Facilitated Diffusion
What is movement of the lungs called? Diffusion
What is movement of NA+ in a neuron sodium pump called? Active Transport
What is engulfing of bacteria by white blood cells (WBC's) called? Phagocytes
What is the formation of tissue fluid from blood plasma called? Filtration
What is reabsorption of small proteins by kidney cells called? Pinocytosis
What is absorption of water by the small intestine called? Osmosis
What is the first step in the formation of urine called? Filtration
Created by: KGreer04