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form 3 Mus


Why was Motown such an important style? It crossed racial boundaries and appealed to both black and white people.
Where did Motown get its name from? Detroit was known as the Motor city, hence Motown.
Who was Berry Gordy Jnr? Set up Motown records
What was 'hitsville usa" known as a hit making factory? Berry Gordy Jnr used the ford car factory industry as a model for his record label. He recruited talented young singers and groomed them for a life on stage. Everything was done under one rood, the singing, recording, producing and it produced hits.
What was the in house band called? The Funk Brothers
What is syncopation? Rhythmic feature to put stress on beats 2 and 4, eg tambourine in 'I want you back' by Jackson 5 and 'Tracks of my tears' by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.
Name some unusal percussion instruments? Tire chains- used in 'No where to run' by Martha and the Vandellas, tire chains are used as word painting to depict being trapped and also portary Detroit as being associated with car industry,also woodblock and tambourine.
Give some quotes of feel good lyrics from Motown? ' I got sunshine on a cloudy day, when its cold outside i got the month of may" by The Temptations
Give some examples of how it acted as a social commentary 'Whats going on' by Marvin Gaye' Brother brother theres far too many of you dying'. Set in the civil rights movement in the 60's and comments on the Detroit race riots, 'Ball of confusion' by The Temptations 'Fear in the air, tension everywhere"
Who was Phil Spektor? Songwriter/Producer, he moved the pop song forward in the way he structured them- ABABCC instead of traditional AABB
What were hook lines? A market ploy to get the listener hooked on the song, continuous repetition of the song title so the listener wont forget it 'I want you back" by The Jackson 5 and Buttered Popcorn by The Supremes
Created by: goneill
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