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Section 1

ACE Automatic controlled equipment
API American petroleum intstitute
ASME American society for mechanical engineers
BHA Bottom hole assembly
BOM Bill of material
BOP Blow out prevention
Cast-V Circumferential acoustic scanning tool
CBL Cement bond log
CEMS Computerized equipment management system
CFU Combination Frac Unit
CIBP Cast iron bridge plug
CLAM Constant level additive mixer
CSNG Compensated spectral natural gamma ray
DAS Data acquisition system
DOT Department of transportation
DST Drill stem test
EMI Electrical micro imaging
EPA Environmental protection agency
FAR pack Field activity reporting package
FOP Field operating profit
FSQC Field service quality coordinator
FSR Field service rep
GIH Grease injector head
GOHFER Grid oriented hydraulic fracture replicator
HEC Hydroxy ethyl cellulose
HEI Halliburton energy institute
HIPS Halliburton integrated proposal system
HPHT High pressure high temp
HWO Hydraulic work over
ID Inside diameter
ILAN Instrument local area network
IRJ Irregular job report
JLAN Job local area network
JSA Job safety analysis
LGC Liquid gel concentrate
LTA Lost time accident
LWD Logging while drilling
M/LWD Measurement/logging while drilling
MBU Mobile business unit
MLWD Measurement while drilling and logging while drilling
MRIL Magnetic resonance imaging log
MSDS Material safety data sheet
MWD Measurement while drilling
MWD/LWD Measurement while drilling/logging while drilling
N2 Nitrogen
NORM Naturally occurring radioactive materials
NWA Natural work area
OD Outer diameter
OH Open hole
OIP Operator interface panel
OSHA Occupational safety and health administration
PBR Polish bore receptacle
PCI Pumping control interface
PD&C Product development and commercialization
PM Preventative maintenance
PO Purchase order
POOH Pull out of hole
PPE Personal protective equipment
PSW Pumping services workstation
PTA Plug to abandon
QA Quality assurance
QC Quality control
RIH Run in hole
RTO Real time operations
SC Service coordinator
SO Shipping order
SPE Society of petroleum engineers
SSDP Service supervisor development program
SSIT Service supervisor in training
SSSV Sub surface safety valve
StimWin Stimulation design software
T&E Travel and entertainment
TA Technical Advisor
TC Team coordinator
TCP Tubing conveyed perforation PSL
TD Target depth
TIMS Technical information management system
TTTCP Tools testing and tubing conveyed perforating
UWI Unique well identifier
WAN Wide area network
WIT Wellhead isolation tool
ZI Zonal isolation
BU Business unit
CAPE Concurrent based training
CBT Computer based training
CEMS Computerized equipment management system
COE Common office environment
CPI Correction,prevention, and improvement
CPS Completion product services
CT Coiled tubing
CVA Cash value added
EJCS End of job customer satisfaction
F&A Finance and administration
FPD Focused product development
FSQC Field service quality coordinator
FSR Field service re
HALCO21 Halliburton
HEI Halliburton energy institute
HMS Halliburton management system
HPM Halliburton performance management
HR Human resources
HRD HR department
HSE Health safety environment
IS Integrated solutions PSL
IT Information technology
ITP Integrated technology products
JSA Job safety analysis
KBR Kellogg brown and root
KPI Key performance indicator
L&P Logging and perforating PSL
MBU Mobile business unit
NOVA Net operating value added
NWA Natural working area
PD&C Product development and commercializaion
PE Production enhancement PSL
PII Performance improvement initiative
PPR People performance results
PSL Product service line
PSMT Product service management team
QA Quality assurance
QC Quality control
RTO Real time operations
SC Service coordinator
SS Shared services
SSDP Shared services development program
SSDS Sperry sun drilling services
SSIT Service supervisor in training
T&E Travel and entertainment
TA Technical advisor
TC Team coordinator
TTTCP Tools testing and tubing conveyed perforating PSL
Created by: Ntcrawford
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