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Religion can affect many aspects of care, what are the 3 needs that could be affected by religion? Treatment, Diet, Food prep, rituals related to death
Name 3 duties a PSW my have that could be affected by the client's culture? Bathing,(personal hygiene), Meal prep, house cleaning
Briefly explain the 5 levels on Maslow's pyramid? ( Needs) Physical, Safety, Love & Belonging, Self Esteem, Self Actualization
Name 4 rights from the Canadian Charter of Right's & Freedom? Freedom of Conscience and religion, freedom of thought and belief and opinion expression, freedom of association, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of mobilty
Explain what is meant by informed consent? A process for getting permission before conducting a healthcare intervention on a client.
List four Myths about aging? Senility, Lose control of bodily functions, won't be able to take care of themselves, stop having sexual relations
Name 3 things that influence self esteem? Loss of control, belonging & acceptance, competence
Describe harassment and what should you do about it? Troubling ,tormenting, offending, or worrying a person through one's behaviour or comments. Unwelcome comments
How can loss impact your client and how can understanding it assist you in providing care to someone who has suffered a loss? Don't take things personally, show respect, Do not judge, Encourage & allow client to try things on there own, show empathy, promote independence, set attainable goals
What should focus of care be when providing personal hygiene to our client's ? Privacy, Independence, Dignity, least restrictive & non- intrusive when providing care
Define Stigma? Shame or Social disgrace associated with circumstances
Define Descrimination? Unfair treatment
Define Need? That which is necessary of desirable for maintaining life & phycological well being
Define Competence? Performing one job safely within one's scope of practice
Define Compassion? Awareness of misfortune and suffering & the desire to help
Define Empathy? Putting yourself in someone else's shoes
Define Sympathy? Feeling sorry for someone and want to help
Describe and appropriate PSW/client relationship? Competence, Professional,Respect, Boundry's
What is the balance of power, & what does it mean? A relationship where one person in dependant on the other. The balance of power may not be equal.
Define Interdependence? The state of depending on each other
Define Dependence? Relying on others for support of help
Define Independence? State of not depending on others
How can you use the knowledge of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs when caring for you client? Physical needs must be met first before any other needs. Making sure that they feel loved & cared for. That they have choices, that they are eating and feeling good & safe and allowed to be an individual.
What type of things might a client do if they were trying to exert their Independence? They would show resistance, become quiet or withdrawn or act out by yelling or becoming physical. Insist on doing it there own way.
Created by: Lindasbell