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Sem 1

How does Oxytocin establish maternal behaviour? Mothers must become attached to their offspring immediately after birth. During birth there is an increase in the concentration of oxytocin in the cerebrospinal fluid. Ocytocin is also released when a woman's breasts are stimulated e.g. by breast-feeding
What is the role of Oxytocin in females? 1)Stimulation of milk ejaculation 2)Stimulation of uterine smooth muscle contraction 3)Establishment of maternal behaviour
How does oxytocin result in milk ejaculation? Milk is initially secreted into alveoli in the mammary glands, which are surrounded by myoepithelial cells. Oxytocin causes the smooth muscle to contract so milk is ejected into ducts and cisterna
How does oxytocin stimulate smooth muscle contraction? Positive feedback mechanism of labour contractions
What is a vaginal delivery? Normal labour as a result of contractions
What is an episiostomy? A cut in the posterolateral direction made between the vagina and anus
How common is an episiostomy? Around 1/7 births
How is a caesarean section performed? The baby is delivered by cutting through the abdomen and uterus. Performed under epidural or spinal anaesthesia
When might a caesarean be more likely? For multiple births
What happens if a baby is delivered through assisted delivery? A ventuose suction cup, forceps or another form of medical innervention is used. (They need to rotate the baby's head)
Why might an assisted delivery be carried out? If there are concerns about the baby's heart rate; if the baby is in an awkward position; if the mum is too exhausted
What are the four ways to deliver a baby? Assisted delivery, caesarean section, vaginal delivery or episiostomy
Created by: SandersE