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Mei Zhou Hua Yu VOL 7 Lesson 5

觀賞 to see and enjoy (guān shǎng)
新春聯歡晚會 Chinese New Year celebration party(xīn chūn lián huān wǎn huì)
to post ; to mail ; to send(jì)
民族 nationality ; ethnic group(mín zú)
漢族 Han Nationality ; majority population in China(hàn zú)
蒙古族 Mongolian ethnic group ; Mongoloid ; Moggol nationality(Méng gǔ zú)
苗族 Miao nationality ; Miao ethnic group(miáo zú)
表姐 an older female cousin(biǎo jiě)
入場券 admission ticket (rù chǎng quàn)
古典歌曲 classical song(gǔ diǎn gē qǔ)
舞蹈 dance(wǔ dào)
穿插 to insert(chuān chā)
歌詞 lyrics(gē cí)
抄錄 to make ; write down ; a copy of(chāo lù)
分享 to share(fēn xiǎng)
流行 popular(liú xíng)
嘻哈 hip hop(xī hā)
饒舌歌 rap(ráo shé gē)
鄉土味 hometown's feel(xiāng tǔ wèi )
感人 touching ; moving(gǎn rén)
吉祥 lucky(jí xiáng)
姑娘 maiden ; girl(gū niang)
to marry (a husband)(jià marry)
山峰 mountain peak(shān fēng)
考驗 to test(kăo yàn)
不斷 uninterrupted ; continuous(bú duàn)
如意 as one wishes ; matches ones wishes(rú yì)
澗水 ravine brook(jiàn shuǐ)
碧水 blue water(bì shuǐ)
hard ; stiff ; strong ; firm(yìng)
辮子 braids(biàn zi)
錢財 money ; wealth(qián cái)
古聖 ancient sages(gǔ shèng)
先賢 scholars of the past(xiān xián)
家園 homestead(jiā yuán)
聳立 to stand high(sǒng lì)
千秋 thousands of years(qiān qiū)
萬世 countless generations(wàn shì)
Created by: sjcsdoris
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