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english 9 exams

English 9 exam

Character A person or animal , animated object, ect. that acts out apart.
protagonist The main character in a literary work. NOT THE GOOD GUY!
antaonist a character or force in conflict with the main character or protagonist
imagery 5 sences
plot a sequence of events
climax is the greatest emotional intensity interest or suspense in the plot of a narrative happens at the turning point inn the story
plot line rising action happens right after the conflict
plot line falling action follows the climax
plot line resolution is the part of the plot that concludes the falling action.
external conflict exist when a person struggles against some outside force such as another person, nature, society , or fate
internal conflict exist within the ind of the person who is torn between different course of action
setting time, place, action
theme a central message, concern pirpose
homophones a word that sounds the same as another word but has a different spelling and a different meaning.
absolute noun and an -ing word
adjectives out of order north followed bu own adjective
active verb passive the stor got ribbed by two men active two armed men robbed a store
partticiple added list! clucking , screeching and puttering
exuberant very great; extreme
bland pleasantly smooth;agreeable
dire dreadful; terrible
retribution deserved punishment
fervent burning; passonate
ardor emotional warmth;passion
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