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Medical Office Sys

Med Office Admin pt II

What is a Informational correspondence? Request from the Physician to the patient to supply information
What is a referral? Second opinion or a request to be examined by another Doctor
What is a reminder? Notice to patient about up-coming appointments
What is a Statements? A friendly reminder to patients about balances on their accounts
Describe First-class mail? letters weighing <11oz, post cards between (3.5x5 to 4.25x6, business reply mail, bills, and acct statements
Describe Second-class mail? Newspapers and Published periodicals
Describe Third-class mail? Books, Catalogs, and Printed materials weighing under 1-lb.
Describe Express mail? Delivered next day by 10:00am if delivered to Post Office by 4:30 the day before.
Describe Priority mail? If delivered to Post Office by 4:30 the day before, it will arrive within 2 business days, and max WT is 70lbs
Describe Fourth-class mail? Refers to Parcel post
Describe Certified mail? 1.Senders proof of both mailing and reception 2.Used for final collection notices
Describe Registered mail? 1)Has assigned registration or tracking number 2)Form placed over the seal of the envelope 3)Addressee must sign for it; USPS sends a return receipt to sender
Describe Return receipt? Legal document proving receipt of letter
Describe Insured mail? Can be insured up to $400
Describe Metered mail? a. Postage that is affixed by a postage meter b. Reduces handling time a Post Office c. Maintains record of postage used
Describe private mail Federal Express(FedEx) a. Has individual drop-off centers b. Trucks that handle parcels or letters c. Speed and convenience
Describe private mail United Parcel Service(UPS)? a. Drop-off and pick-up service can be customized b. 2 to 4 delivery services c. Used for package shipping
Describe the highest priority of incoming mail to the least priority. 1)Telegram 2)Express-mail 3)Priority 4)Special delivery 5)First 6)Second 7)Third 8)Fourth
Who should receive mail marked personal and confidential? The person it is addressed to and it should not be open by no one other than the addressee
What are the advantages of date and time-stamp mail in a medical practice? It can dispel controversy with: a)questions about insurance payments b)Legal papers c)The date document was mailed
What are some advantages of fax machines? Very ease to use, has a duplicating process, transmission to one fax to another is 3 to 6 secs, states the date and time of transmissions,
Can you fax a Patients personal info to their place of employment? NO
Does the transcriptionist guess or bluff through dictation? NO
What are the responsibility of a transcriptionist? 1. Be aware of legal responsibility and committed to excellence 2. Respect patient confidentiality 3. Professionalism when dealing w/patients 4. Good judgment when transcribing 5. Avoid tampering with dictation
Can a transcriptionist used white when necessary? NO
What type of letter cancels appointments? Signature letters
How do MA's correctly write out the date on a business letter? month-date-year(January 16, 2014)
What are some proofreading tips? a. Do not proofread tired b. Read in short time frames if the document is long. c. Avoid reading on a computer screen; print out a hard copy d. Read backwards to avoid misspelling e. Use a ruler to maintain your place in a document
Describe Full block letters? a. Usually used in ambulatory setting due b. All lines begin flush with the left margin c. Suggested when looking for a contemporary efficient letter
Describe Modified block letters? All lines begin at left margin except; Date, Complimentary closure, and keyed signature
Describe Simplified block letters? a. Omits salutation and complimentary closure b. Most commonly used when sending a form letter. c. Signature line is in all capitals 4 lines below the body of letter
Where is the date line found on a business letter? On line 15 or 2-3 lines below the letterhead
Describe Salutation? a. Flushed with the left margin b. Refers to receiver of the letter using title and last name c. If the receivers knows each other; first name may be used
Describe reference initials? Name of individual letter should be in upper case letters with transcriptionist initials keyed in lowercase letters. Ex WD:ct or WD/ct
Describe signature letters? Used for: Cancelling appts, Ordering supplies, Arranging appts.
What does abbreviation P.S. stands for and what is it used for ? Postscripts; Express an afterthought
What is the correct way to write numbers? 1-9( write or spell it out); 10 and above write numerically
When may use a informal salutation? If sender knows the receiver
Describe the correct use of capitalization? Used for: Proper names, cities, directions, locations, and places
When do we use three ellipsis mark(...) in a sentence? To interrupt the sentence
When do we use four ellipsis mark(.... in a sentence? To finish the sentence
What are characteristics of a period? Used at end of sentenceC Used after an initial & after an abbrev:word
Can medical transcriptionist compose non-technical letters Yes
Created by: dajuan77