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Chapter 7 tEST sci8

Which of the following actually kills invading microbes? intestinal enzymes stomach acid lysozymes
The inflammatory response includes all of the symptoms except vessel constriction
The secretion of antibodies by lymphocyte B cells provides humoral immunity
The immunoglobulin found in a mother's milk is IgA
Erythroblastosis fetalis can result if The Rh- mother is sensitized to the Rh+ antigen and the baby is Rh+
AIDS is such a deadly disease because the AIDS virus attacks and destroys CD4+ T cells
Which of the following are autoimmune diseases Hashimoto's thyroids and systemic lupus erythemotusus
The proteins secreted by plasma cells are called antibodies
A person with anti-A and anti-B antibodies in their blood has what blood type? type O
Precursors of macrophages are called monocytes
The immune response is terminated or decreased by suppressor T cells
Which type of T cell lyses cells that have been infected with viruses? cytotoxic T cells
When a B cell encounters antigen to which it is targeted, it divides rapidly and produces plasma cells
All of the following cells are phagocytic except for lymphocytes
Your body has millions of different antibodies for detecting millions of different antigens because antibody genes undergo somatic rearrangement and somatic mutation
Helper T cells and inducer T cells are also called _______________ cells because of the coreceptor they both have. CD4+ T
Which type of surface marker is present on every nucleated cell in your body? MHC-I
MHC proteins are also called HLA
Activated helper T cells release regulatory molecules called lymphokines
Memory cells provide an accelerated immune response upon second exposure to a particular antigen
What holds together the four polypeptide chains of an antibody? light chains
Of the five classes of antibody heavy chains, which one's function is still partially unclear? IgD
Diseases in which a person's immune system attacks the person's own normal tissue are called autoimmune diseases
The cells that you see when you look at your skin were produced in the stratum basale
Cytotoxic T cells are called into action by the: decrease in the number of antibodies
Complement and antibody are similar in that both: may make bacteria more attractive to phagocytes.
The AIDS virus: may become dormant in cells.
Which cell is correctly matched with its secretion or function? mast cells - histamine
All of the following are part of our antigen specific defense mechanisms except: acute inflammation
Echinoderms have immune systems similar to bony fish in that they possess T and B lymphocytes False
Immunoglobulins have two light chains and two heavy chains. True
IgE is an interleukin involved in allergies. False
T cytotoxic cells produce cytokinins which cause the lysis of other target cells. False
Hemolytic disease of the newborn typically results from immunization of an RH- mother with Rh+ blood from her first pregnancy, the antibodies reacting against the fetus in a later pregnancy. True
Created by: alexwolfe