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Atomic Theory Part 2

Conservation of Mass A principle stating that mass cannot be created or destroyed.
Compound A thing that is composed of two or more elements; a mixture.
Molecule Can be both an element or compound.
Covalent Compound Compound between 2 Non-Metals.
Iconic Compound Compound between Metals and Non-Metals.
Lewis Dot Structure. Show the way compounds form using Valence electrons.
Substance Matter with a fixed composition whose identity can be changed by chemical process but not physical.
Solution Homogeneous mixture with elements or compounds mixed on molecular level but not bonded.
Solute Substance that dissolves, disappears into another substance.
Solvent Substance that dissolves into solute.
Precipitate Solid comes out of solution because or chemical or physical change.
Homogenous Mixture 2 or more substance evenly mixed but not bonded.
Heterogeneous Mixture Mixture where substance is unevenly mixed.
Vaporization The process by which matter changes from a liquid state to a gas
Physical Change Appearance changes
Condensation Change of matter from a gas to a liquid state
Sublimation The process by which a solid changes directly into a gas
Deposition The act or process of depositing
Chemical Change Substance changes
Law Of Conservation Mass Conservation of mass: a fundamental principle of classical physics that matter cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system.
Cell Theory States that all organisms are made up of one or more cells, the cell is the basic unit of life ,and all cells come from other cells.
Cell Wall Rigid structure that encloses,supports,and protects the cells of plants,algae,fungi,and most bacteria.
Cell Membrane Protective outer covering of all cells that regulates the interaction between the cell and the environment.
Cytoplasm Constantly moving gelatin like mixture inside the cell membrane that contains heredity material ands is the location of most of a cell`s life processes.
Ribosome Small structures on which cells make their own proteins.
Organelle Structure in the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell that can act as a storage site,process energy,move materials,or manufacture substances.
Nucleus Organelle that controls all the activities of a cell and contains heredity material made of DNA.
Chloroplast Green,chlorophyll-containing, plant-cell organelle that captures light energy, which is used to make sugar.
Mitochondrion Cell organelle where food is broken down,which releases energy.
Endoplasmic Reticulum Cytoplasmic organelle that moves materials around in a cell and is made up of a complex series of folded membranes;can be rough(with attached ribosome)or smooth(without attached ribosome).
Golgi Body Organelles sort and package cellular materials and transports them within the cell or out of the cell.
Tissue Group of similar cells that work together to do one job.
Organ Structure,such as the heart,made up of different types of tissues that all work together.
Organ System A groups of organs working together to perform a certain function.
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