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suffix root words

med term

Ac,al,ic Pertaining to, related to, located to
Apheresis Removal
Asthenia Weakness
Capnia Carbon dioxide
Cele Protrusion, hernia
Coccus, coccis Berry-shaped
Crit To separate
Crine Separate, secrete
Cyte Cell
Desis Surgical fixation
Dynia Pain
Ectasis Dilation, expansion
Ectomy Surgical removal
Emesis Vomit
Emia Blood condition
Ent, er, sit, or Person or agent
Esis, ia, a, ism, ity, y, osis, tion, sis, iasis, Isa State or condition, disease
Gen, genic Producing, causing
Genesis Beginning, origin
Gram Record
Graph Instrument that records
Graphy Process of recording
Iac Epson afflicted with
Ictal Seizures
Ist, ologist A specialist in
Ites, itis Inflammation
Ium Membrane
Ize Use, subject to
Logy Science, study of
Lysis, lytic Destroy, dissolution, separation
Malacia Softening
Megaly Enlargement
Oma Tumor
Opsy To view
Oxia Oxygen
Paresis Slight paralysis
Pathy Disease
Pepsia Digestion
Pexy, pexis Fixation, storing
phagia, phagy eating, swallowing
phobia abnormal fear, intolerance
plasty surgical repair
plegia paralysis
pnea breathing
poiesis formation
porosis passage
rrahge, rrahgi excessive flow
rrhaphy suturing in place
rrhea flow or discharge
Rrexis Rupture
Sarcoma Malignant tumor
Sclerosis Hardening
Scope Instrument for examining
Scopy Visual examination
Sepsis Infection
Spasm Sudden involuntary muscle contraction
Stasis Control, stop
Stenosis Narrowing
Stomy Surgical opening
Tomy Cutting, incision
Trophy Nourishment, develop
Ule Little
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