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form 3 Mus

Choice Songs Definitions

What is an art song? A poem set to music for voices with instrumental accompaniment. The composer is known and the music is written down.
What is a madrigal? A new style of song that came into fashion around the 16th century. It was composed for 3, 4 or 5 voices. They were unaccompanied, eg of composer Palestrina.
What is a ballett? A version of madrigal composed for several voices and had a fa la la refrain. Eg 'Fire fire my heart' by Thomas Morley
What is a lied? A German art song. Poetry, music and piano accomp all combined to express a mood or feeling. Eg Schubert.
What is a ballad? A simple song that tells a story, can be historical or modern. Alot of them are in the form of a dialogue.
What is a negro spiritual? A religios song of the black slaves of African descent who worked in the plantation of the Southern states of America. The words come from the bible, distinctive syncopated rhythm, melody often pentationic or use of gapped scale. Usually a verse +chorus.
What is a blues song? Songs that told of the sadness of the slave. Distinctive melody because of the blues notes- flattened 3rd and 7th and 5th.
What is a motet? A short piece based on a religious subject for several voices in counterpoint. It was sung unaccompanied. Eg Quomodo Cantabimus by Byrd.
What is a carol? A religious song associated with Christmas.
What is an opera? A musical play with soloists, choruses and orchestra. It began in Italy in 1600 as an attempt to imitate the great Greek dramas. Eg Monteverdi
What is a recitative? A single line of melody which enables the character to tell the story, ie to sing in a speaking style. Eg 'Thy hand Belinda' from dido and aeneus by Purcell
What is an aria? A song often in 2 or 3 sections, expresses the emotion of the character. Eg 'One fine day' from Madame Butterfly
What is an oratorio? A musical setting of a religios text. It has soloists, chorus and orchestra but no costumes or setting. Eg Messiah by Handel.
What is a cantata? Like a short oratorio, theme might be sacred or secular. Eg Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.
What is a descant? A tune added to an existing melody, usually above the existing melody. Eg soprano descant in 'In the bleak mid winter"
What is an ostinato? A reperated musical idea. It can be melodic or rhythmic. Eg Its time by imagine dragons.
What is a canon? A compositional technique where 2 or more voices imitate each other at a fixed distance and interval. The word canon means rule. Eg Tallis's Canon.
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