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Chapter 17 Greek II

Gramar from Chapter 17 Vocab from chapter 18 GREEK II

ε____θην 1st sing aor pass ind, I was
ε____θης 2nd sing aor pass ind, you were
ε____θη 3rd sing aor pass ind, he was
ε____θημεν 1st pl aor pass ind, we were
ε____θητε 2nd pl aor pass ind, you (pl) were
ε____θησαν 3rd pl aor pass ind, they were
____θησομαι 1st sing fut pass ind, I will
____θηςͅͅη 2nd sing fut pass ind, you will
____θησεται 3rd sing fut pass ind, he will
____θησομεθα 1st pl fut pass ind, we will
____θησεσθε 2nd pl fut pass ind, you (pl) will
____θησονται 3rd pl fut pass ind, they will
άμαρταω I sin
βλουομαι I desire
διωκω I persecute I pursue
εργαζομαι I work, I do
ευγγελιζομαι I bring good news, preach
καθημαι I sit, I live, I stay
λογιζομαι I reckon, I consider
μν not
ύπαρχω I am I exist
(redup)____κα 1st sing perf act ind, I have
(redup)____κας 2nd sing perf act ind, you have
(redup)____κε(ν) 3rd sing perf act ind, he has
(redup)____κανμεν 1st pl perf act ind, we have
(redup)____κατε 2nd pl perf act ind, you (pl) have
(redup)____κασι(ν) 3rd pl perf act ind, they have
(redup)____μαι 1st sing perf pass ind, I have been
(redup)____σαι 2nd sing perf pass ind, you have been
(redup)____ται 3rd sing perf pass ind, he has been
(redup)____μεθα 1st pl perf pass ind, we have been
(redup)____σθε 2nd pl perf pass ind, you (pl) have been
(redup)____νται 3rd pl perf pass ind, they have been
Ακηκοα I have heard
Βεβληκα I have thrown
Εωρακα I have seen
γεγονα I have come to know
γεγραπται It is written
εληγερτα I have gone
εληλυθα I have gone
ητοιμακα I have prepared
ευρηκα I have found
εσχηκα I have had
τεθνηκα I have died, I am dead
ειληφα I have gone
ειρηκα I have said
πεποιθα I depend on, I trust
πεποιθα I am convinced
πεπτωκα I have fallen
ηγαγον I led
απεθανον I died
εβαλον I threw
ειδον I saw
εγενομην I became
ηλθον I went
εφαγον I ate
έυρον I found
εσχον I had
ελαβον I took
επιον I drank
επεσον I fell
εφυγον I fled
Created by: RandyBradley