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Latin Vocab Final

absum absent
aedes temple
aeternus eternal
altitudo high
anguis snake
aetas age
aperio open
apud among
ardeo to burn
arma arms
aspicio look at
audio hear
aureus gold
aurum gold
avis bird
capio take
caput head
careo lack
carmen song
castra camp
cedo move
ceteri the other
civis citizen
circa around
clarus clear
claudo shut
coniunx spouse
cor heart
cornu horn
corpus body
curro run
cursus run
deinde then
denique finally
doceo teach
dolor sad
domus house
duco lead
dux leader
emo buy
ergo therefore
erro wander
etiam yet
expono lead out
facio to make
fatum fate
felix happy
flumen stream
forma form
fors chance
fortis brave
fugio flee
gaudium joy
gens family
gravis grave
habeo hold
herba grass
homo person
hora hour
hospes stranger
iaceo lie
iacio throw
imago image
impedimentum impediment
igitur therefore
inquam say
iterum again
iuvenis young man
latitudo wide
lego to read
lex law
longitudo long
maneo stay
manus hand
mens mind
milia thousands
mirus amazing
misceo mix
mitto send
modus mode
moenia wall
mons mountain
moveo move
muto change
natura nature
nemo nobody
nox night
oculus eye
os mouth
paene almost
passus pace
pecunia money
pes foot
peto seek
plenus full
pono put
posterum future
posterus following
pius loyal
prae before
pro before
quando when?
quidem in fact
quoque too
rego rule
reperio find
relinquo leave
respicio look again
rex king
rogo ask
saeculum age
salus health
sanguis blood
secundus second
sedeo sit
sedes seat
signum sign
stadium stadium
sol sun
statim immediately
talis such
tamen yet
tantus so great
tempus time
teneo hold
timeo fear
tot so many
totiens so often
trado hand down
tristis mournful
usus usefulness
uxor wife
vendo sell
venio come
verso keep turning
verto turn
vestis clothes
video see
vinco conquer
vivo live
Created by: VikingsMets8