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Science chapter 18

Science Chapter 18

grafting is a method of joining two plants together. It is used to produce most fruit plants, including some seedless ones.
understock is the lower part of the graft
rootstock after grafting is complete the understock is referred to as this. it provides a root system for the new plant
scion is the upper part of the graft. it is normally consists of a part of the plants previous year's growth, along withone or more buds.
how is a single plant formed? by the rootstock and scion fusing
what is the main reason for grafting? to improve quantity and quality of the plant.
What did Charles V Riley do? took a native American grape rootstock to France. he saved the wine industry by grafting disease resistant grape plant
what did the government give Mrs. Riley for her husbands work? diamond necklace
When did the first seedless grapevine grow 2000 years ago
How wide was the tape that was used to secure the graft? 2.5cm wide tape. it remains until it breaks down from weathering.
what is the thickest part of a tree called trunk
Who first named the parts of trees and plants in an organized way? Theophratus
Who was Theophratus A greek philosopher who was born around the year 372 B.C.
Who taught Theophrastus Aristotle
Where was the school Theophrastus was a teacher at? Lyceum
What did Theophrastus study plants
What was two of the books Theophrastus wrote The natural History of plants and about the reasons of Vegetable Growth
What was Theophrastus's nickname "Father of Botany"
What is the most common species of butterfly in the world cabbage white butterfly
What is metamorphosis the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more stages
what does the cabbage white start out as? as an egg the completes five larval stages and becomes a chrysalis and emerges as a butterfly
how many larval stages or instars does the cabbage white butterfly go through 5
what does the cabbage white butterfly egg become after it goes through five larval stages chrysalis
after becoming a chrysalis what does it become? butterfly
chrysalis a moth or butterfly at the stage of growth when it is turning into an adult and is enclosed in a hard case.
As a larva what does the cabbage white feed on? plants from the mustard family including cabbage, cauliflower, radish, Wisconsin fast plants
Where is the yellow egg of a cabbage white butterfly deposited and begin to develop? underside of a leaf of a host plant such as a Wisconsin fast plant
what color is the egg of a cabbage white butterfly creamy yellow
How long does it take before a larva chews its way trough the top of the egg 2 to 4 days
Is the newly hatched larva's head large or small compared with its body larger
When does the first stage or instar of the cabbage white begin when the larva emerges from the egg
How are stages or instars 2-4 defined? by the new molt or shedding of the skin
What does the cabbage white larva do when it is ready to molt seeks dry site and weaves a find pad of silk from a silk gland located in its head. The larva clings to the pad with its legs and rest quietly
What happens to the cabbage white larva skin it cracks and a larger larva crawls out. larva grows quickly molting two or three times during its first week.
What happens by the 4th and 5th stages or instars it begins to feed voraciously and can be quite destructive. they devour their favorite plants, leaving only the stems and large leaf veins. by now the larvae are up to 3cm long
What do the larvae look like in the 4-5th stages or instars bright green with pale yellow stripes running the length of their bodies on their back and sides.
What does the color of the caterpillar provide a good camouflage because the larvae feed on the he upper surfaces of leaves out in the open
When is the fifth instar caterpillar fully grown by the 10 and 12th day.it beings to search for shelter to pupate or form chrysalis
What color is the chrysalis originally? green but it can change color depending on how much light it gets and on the color of the surface to which it is attached.
What is the caterpillars color produced by melanin
when to the wings of the chrysalis appear 2-3 days. during the next two days one or two dark spots appear
when does the butterfly emerge 24 hours after the spots appear
How long does it take for the cabbage white butterfly to get out of its chrysalis less than a minute
What does the cabbage white butterfly do when it gets out of its chrysalis its wobbly and walks to a high location and hangs quietly and allows its wings to expand and harden. this takes 2 hours then it goes and finds food.
What does the cabbage white butterfly feed on sugar water minerals and other nutrients from the nectar of various flowers.
what does the butterfly's mouth or proboscis work like works like a straw
What does the cabbage white butterfly use as its energy source sugar obtained from nectar
What does the butterfly do when it is finished feeding it rolls up its proboscis or mouth
What is the adults butterfly's life solely devoted to reproduction. during the day males search for females with which to mate
How do female butterflies signal their readiness to mate by releasing a special odor or pheromone that is very attractive to searching males
What do females do after mating females look for host plants on which to lay their eggs.
What is the life span of the cabbage white 3 weeks
How many eggs do the cabbage white lay during their life cycle 300 eggs
diapause a resting state chrysalises enter in the fall that permits them to withstand the harsh winter
How many spots does the male and female have on their forewings one central black spot for males and two for females
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