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smateacherScience 6

Acts testing science 6th gr

Temperature decreases or increases as you go up in elevation (ie. up a mountain rode) decreases
If two people are playing tug of war and neither one is able to pull the other to their side, it is because... pull people are applying equal force
A common cold is caused by what a virus
what is a solar eclipse when the moon is directly between the moon and sun
What is the difference between kinetic energy and potential energy Kinetic is one in motion and potential is stored energy that is not in motion (ie. kinetic, ball bouncing, potential, ball sitting on the floor
If a cell membrane is impermeable, this means that things can or cannot move into and out of it. Cannot
If a cell is porous, can liquids move in and out easily yes
Which travels faster, sound waves or light waves? light
Define carnivore animal that is a meat eater
What is an omnivore Animal that eats meat and/or vegetables
An herbivore only eats what vegetation
When people compost their vegetables for fertilizer this is a process of decomposition
A closed circuit is like dead end street because The source of current, such as a battery, is transferred to the load (such as a home appliance) and does not go back through a conductor (such as a wire) back to the source of current (generator/battery)
An open circuit is like a circle because the energy travels from the source of current, through the conductor to the load and back through the conductor to the source of current
Can a series circuit energize one or more than one load (appliances, lights, etc) more than one
Some examples of Genetic traits which are in the DNA and passed down to the children of the parents are Hair color, height and skin color
Order the following from smallest to biggest: decimeter, millimeter, meter, centimeter, hectometer millimeter, centimeter, decimeter, meter, hectometer
Hot water molecules move faster than cold water molecules because there is more energy. True or false True
When evaporation occurs a liquid turns into a what Gas
Condensation turns a gas into a what Liquid (steam in a shower to water on the tile)
Cell Smallest living unit in creation
Which clouds are thunderheads Cumulonimblus
Dark colors reflect or attract heat Attract
Light colors reflect or attract heat Reflect
Cycles of rock are what
Nucleus The brain of the cell, in middle of cell
Energy in motion, a ball rolling Kinetic energy
Tissue Similar cells grouped together
Organs Similar tissues grouped together
Carbohydrate found in cell wall Cellulose
Th liquid in a cell that contains organelles Cytoplasm
Structures inside the cell that absorb sunlight Chloroplasts
The membrane Cell walls
Describe photosynthesis Plant absorbs light from the sun through its leaves, converts to energy in the form of glucose and gives off oxygen to the air as a byproduct
Liver, heart, kidneys, etc Organs
Cirrus Thin clouds that float near top of troposphere (planes fly in)
Cycle of animal kingdoms where some are producers and some are consumers Food webs
A theory that answers a scientific question and is then tested through an experiment Hypothesis
Factors in an experiment thzt ae varied or different such as all the plants recieve water but one is kept in the dark Variable
During an experiment records are kept of what occurs Observation
Drawing conclusions in an experiment based on the observation Analyzing data
What takes place by decomposers to help the process of decomposition in the soil are animals that produce urea, or urine which goes into the soil producing ammonia
The nitrogen cycle (show chart)
Density is how compact a liquid or solid is. Would a denser object float or sink when added to a less dense object Sink
What happens to the water molecules when it is frozen? They expand and become less dense
Why does ice float in a cup of water? Because it is less dense and takes up more surface area than if it wasn't frozen
wood, minerals, coal, natural gas, nuclear, oil Raw materials
What is the freezing temperature given in Celcius degreess 0
What is the boiling point of water in celcius degrees 100
Which clouds look like a heavy blanket low to the ground Stratus clouds
Liquid measurement in a container Volume
The amount of matter in an object Mass
The more tree rings a tree has the older or younger the tree is Older
The top of a Wavelength is called a peak
The bottom of a wavelength is called the trough
The lenght of a Wavelength is measured from what to What or What to what peak to peak or trough to trough
What look like tiny tufts of cotton floating in the air Cirrocumulus
Which cloud is Like stratus but marked by a series of rolls or bumps Stratocumulus
Which clouds are in medium altitude and are puffy and buldgy Cumulus
Created by: smateacher