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Unit 6 vocab

Studying for test

Climate change change in global weather patterns: long-term alteration in global weather patterns, especially increases in temperature and storm activity, regarded as a potential consequence of the greenhouse effect
Ecological footprint the amount of productive land appropriated on average by each person
Ecology study of organisms and the environment
Economy 1.effectiveness: efficiency and conservation of effort in the operation or achievement of something
Environment 1.surrounding influences: all the external factors influencing the life and activities of people, plants, and animals
Incinerator furnace: a furnace for destroying things by burning them, especially one used to burn waste
Landfill 1.area containing buried waste: a site where waste material has been buried
Luxury 1.great comfort: expensive high-quality surroundings, and the great comfort that they provide
Midden 1.dunghill: a pile of dung or refuse
Natural resources 1.naturally occurring exploitable material: a naturally occurring material, e.g. coal or wood, that can be exploited by people
Recycling 1.processing of waste for reuse: the processing of used or waste material so that it can be used again, instead of being wasted
Sustainability of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged
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