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OCR Latin Higher

adeo so much, so greatly
adsum be here, be present
ago do, act, drive
altus high, deep
animus spirit, soul, mind
ante before, in front of
apud among, with, at the house of
ars art, skill
audeo dare
aufero take away, carry off, steal
autem but, however
brevis short, brief
cado fall
celer quick, fast
celo hide
clarus famous, clear
cogito think, consider
cogo force, compel
conficio finish, wear out
conor try
copiae forces, troops
cras tomorrow
cupio want, desire
cura care, worry
dirus dreadful
diu for a long time
dum while, until
eo go
exercitus army
gens family, tribe, race, people
heri yesterday
hic here
iam now, already
idem the same
igitur therefore, and so
interea meanwhile
ipse himself, herself, itself, themselves
is this, that, he, she, it, them
ita in this way, to such an extent, so
itaque and so, therefore
iter journey
iterum again
libenter willingly, gladly
lux light, daylight
magis more
magnopere greatly
malo prefer
miror wonder at, admire
nisi unless, except
oro beg
paene almost, nearly
pars part
patior suffer, endure
pello drive
pervenio reach, arrive at
pes foot
proelium battle
prope near
propter on account of, because of
puto think
rapio seize, grab
refero bring/carry back, report, tell
relinquo leave, leave behind
rumpo break, burst
saepe often
scelus crime
se himself, herself, itself, themselves
sentio feel, notice
sequor follow
si if
sic thus, in this way
sine without
soleo be accustomed
suus his, her, its, their (own)
taceo be silent, be quiet
talis such
tempus time
tollo raise, lift up, hold up
turba crowd
unde from where
verto turn
videor seem, appear
vultus expression, face
etiam also
validus strong
Created by: ae5grahr