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飛び上がる jump up, spring up(とびあがる)
でき上がる be finished, be completed, be ready(できあがる)
仕上がる be completed, be finished, be ready(しあがる)
持ち上がる be raised, be lifted(もちあがる)
思い返す think back, think smth. over again(おもいかえす)
読み返す read again, reread(よみかえす)
元に戻す put smth. back, return to its former state(もとにもどす)
追い返す drive s.b. back, repel(おいかえす)
送り返す send back, return(おくりかえす)
押し返す push back, force back(おしかえす)
押し進める push on, go ahead with(おしすすめる)
入り込む get in, come into, step into(はいりこむ)
押し込む push smth. into, stuff smth. into, squeeze smth. into(おしこむ)
忍び込む steal into, creep into(しのびこむ)
突っ込む plunge into, dash into(つっこむ)
考え込む be sunk/absorbed in thought(かんがえこむ)
落ち込む get depressed, feel down (blue)(おちこむ)
書き加える add, add additional words, insert(かきくわえる)
夜空 night sky(よぞら)
花開く bloom(はなひらく)
観客 audience(かんきゃく)
わあっ yippee, hurrah, hooray
Created by: Venomsbane88