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Science Final

4th grade 1st semster final

Adaptation ad·ap·ta·tion a special trait that helps an organism survive in its environment
Extinct ex·tinct all dead; no more left alive on Earth
Pollen pol·len the powder-like grains in a flower that contain the male sex cells
Endangered en·dan·gered close to extinction
Nectar nec·tar a sweet liquid found inside flowers
Canopy can·o·py the part of a forest just below the uppermost branches of the tallest trees
Understory un·der·sto·ry the area in a forest between the canopy and the ground
Mimicry mim·ic·ry when one organism imitates the traits of another
Climate cli·mate the typical weather patterns of a region
desert des·ert an ecosystem with few plants and little water
ecosystem ec·o·sys·tem all the living and nonliving things that interact in an environment
abiotic factor a·bi·ot·ic fac·tor a nonliving part of the ecosystem
accommodation ac·com·mo·da·tion an individual organism's response to a change in the ecosystem
algae al·gae a plant-like producer in a water environment
amoeba a·moe·ba a type of protist that acts like an animal in some ways
biotic factor bi·ot·ic fac·tor a living part of the ecosystem
seed dispersal‎ seed dis·per·sal spreading seeds
camouflage cam·ou·flage an adaptation that allows an animal to blend into its surroundings
Created by: fontanilla