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Blood Cells

Review Questions for Dr.M's Blood Test

Define Blood viscous fluid composed of formed elements and fluids
What is plasma? must be collected in a tube with anticoagulant
Define the formed elements solid portion of blood, WBC, RBC and platelets
What is the function of the RBC? to transport o2 and co2
What is hemoglobin and where is it found? Hemo is Iron Globin is Protein
Where is hemoglobin found? It is found in RBC's and is responsible for transport of O2 and CO2
What is another name for RBC? erthyrocyte
What is the function of platelets? clotting, to prevent bleeding
What is another name for platelets? thrombocytes
What is the func5-10tion of WBC's? to fight infection
List the different types WBC's and their specific functions? Neutrophils: phagocytsis and bacteria Basophil: produces heparin Eosinophil: parasites and allergies Monocyte: phagocytosis Lymphocyte: immunity and fights viruses
Another name for WBC leukocytes
How does blood divide in a test tube? Plasma, buffy coat, & RBC's
Normal value of RBC 4.5-6 million mm3
Normal value of WBC 5-10 thousand`
Normal value of Platelets 150-450 hundred thousand
Term used for elevated RBC erythrocytosis
Term used for elevated WBC leukocytosis
Terms used for elevated Platelets thrombocytosis
Term used for decreased RBC anemia
Term used for decreased WBC leukopenia
Term used for decreased platelets thrombocytopenia
Created by: jennaspfeiffer