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Latin Words

magnus big
portum harbor
insula island
pervenire arrive
pharus lighthouse
ingens huge
multus many
stare lie at anchor
urbs city
turbulentus rowdy
semper always
turba crowd
complere fill
mercator merchant
ambulare walk
currere run
militis soldier
incedere march
custodire to guard
templum temple
videre see
aedificare build
festinare hurry
pro in front of
ad to
ara altar
vinum wine
fundere pour
prope near
habitare live
habere have
vir man
dives rich
negotium business
cum with
pater father
meus my
mox soon
splendidus splendid
invenire find
notissimus very famous
nullus none
inter between
puer boy
benignus kind
dare give
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