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Assisting with Medication

What a the 5 rights in medication administration? The right client the right medication The right dosage The right time The right route
Why should you wear gloves when applying medication? To prevent contamination & absorption of meds into the skin. To protect the client.
What are some unexpected reactions to medications that you should be aware of? Allergies, Hives, Fever, Diarrhea, shortness of breath, dyspnea, swelling of larynx, anaphylactic shock
What would you report to your supervisor when dealing with meds? Expired Meds, client not taking meds, Omits dose, unsafe storage, unlabelled meds, client forgetting to take meds
What does (dtts) mean? drops
Medications dissolved into a concentrated sugar are called _________? Syrups
Dry powdered drugs that have been formed into a small disc refer to___________? Tablets
What are flat discs containing flavoured medication base and are held in mouth where they are dissolved? Lozenges
What semi solid material containing medication and applied externally to the skin is called__________/ Ointment or Cream
A solid form of medication that is inserted into a body cavity, usually the retum or the vagina refers to______________? Suppository
What medication that is located ona small disc or strip and is applied to unbroken skin; this drug is absorbed over a 24 hr period and it called____________? Transdermal Patch
A drug, which is dissolved in a liquid containing alcohol, water and flavourings is called an___________? Elixir
What is a small cylinder called used for special delivering and which contains a drug that is inhaled called? Aerosol Inhaler
How many medications does Tylenol #3 contain? 2 ( Tylenol & codine)
What is meant by Extra Strength? More than the regular strength (mg) but not double
What is meant by "Double Strength" Double the normal strength
Codeine, Morphine, Demerol, Duragesic and dilaudid are examples of__________? Narcotic Analgesic
The most common side effect of a narcotic analgesic(Pain Med) is_____________? Constipation
Define what "OTC" and what it stands for? Over the Counter. Medication that can be purchased without a prescription . Ex; Tylenol #1
What are adverse effects? Unexpected & undesired
Give an example of a Medication could be absorbed into the skin if gloves are not worn when applying to client? Nitro-Glycerin
What types of administering medications works faster than oral administrations. Rectal or Intravenous
What reason could explain why you should take a medication with milk? May cause irritation to the lining of the stomach
Define what "Classification" of a drug is? The category that the drug/medication is put into according to it's therapeutic & diagnostic value.
Define what "Trade Name" pf a drug means? A name also given to a drug/medication by the manufacturers. Also known as the proprietary name. Ex; Tylenol, Advil. Gravol
Define what a Generic Name of a Drug/Medication is? The name given to a drug/medication approved by Health Canada. Also known as the official name of the drug.
What is the purpose of giving medication? To prevent, treat or promote health
Why do you take a drug the way a physician order it? For the best results
By what systems are drugs excreted by the body? Urinary & GI(gastro intestinal)
What does M.A.R. stand for? Medication Administration Record
Name 5 things that could affect drug action? Other medications Weight Size Emotional state gender illness sunlight Age Alcohol
A.C.T.I.O.N. is an acronym for what? Assess, Contact, Talk, Indentify, Open Chart , Note to follow
What does the term drug compatibility mean? To take with another drug and it doesn't affect it.
Topical appication means? To apply externally
Rectal administration means? Inserted into the Rectum
Parenteral administration means? By Injection
Inhalation means? To inhale into the lungs
Which route of administration of faster Rectal or Oral? Rectal
What does "CPS" stand for? Compendium of Pharmaceuticals & Specialties
Would opening a pill bottle be considered part of a PSW's role in assisting a client. True
What does it mean when a drug is expired? No longer effective
Where should expired medication go to be exposed of? Take them back to pharmacy
What are common signs of a reation to medication that you should watch for and report? Nausea, vomiting, rash, itchy skin, fever, diarrhea, respiratory difficulties
Created by: Lindasbell