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Women's Midterm

legato smooth and connected
adagio very slow
fermata hold until the conductor cuts you off
penultimate second to last
sotto voce soft voice
allegro fast
ritardando gradually getting slower
crescendo gradually getting louder
tempo speed or pace
staccato short and choppy
alla breve cut time
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet
IPA [Eiaou]
cousin vowels ?
Schwa sounds uh in an unaccented position [upside down e]
Order of sharps FCGDAEB
Order of flats BEADGCF
Formula for writing a major scale WWHWWWH
Formula for writing a minor scale WHWWHWW
Dynamics Pianissimo piano mezzo piano mezzo forte forte fortissimo
Hallelujah Chorus GF Handel
He Trusted in God GF Handel
I'll make the difference Moses Hogan
Amani Audrey Snyder
I have had singing Ron Jeffers
Bile Them Cabbage Down Mack Wilberg
Liberame Gabriel Faure
Danny Boy Linda Spevacek
The Snow Edward Elgar
Tundra Ola Gjeilo
Prayer for the gifts Kinley Lange
Mashed Potato love poem Paul Carey
Hold Me Rock Me Brian Tate
How can I keep from singing Jane Fjeldsted
Created by: AlanaR
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