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SS Chapter 3 Review

Mead Middle Social Studies Chapter 3 Review

What do geographers use to determine how crowded a country or region is? population density
What term describes people who are forced to flee to another country to escape wars, persecution, or natural disasters? refugees
Which group describes a group of people who share a language, history, religion, and some physical traits? ethnic group
What type of countries contain a mix of agriculture and a great deal of manufacturing and service industries? developed countries
Name two reasons for the rapid increase in word population over the last two centuries. improved health care and better living conditions
A "push factor" is something that pushes people from their home country to another country. Give one example of a "push factor" for migration. a shortage of jobs
What type of culture describes a world in which more and more countries and regions share cultural traits? global culture
What do societies develop in order to answer questions of what goods and services to produce, how to produce them, and who will receive them? economic systems
What are some examples of natural resources? soil, trees, wind, and oil
What can natural resources provide? food, shelter, goods, and energy
Which term describes a severe lack of food due to warfare and crop failures? famine
What do we call the process of spreading ideas, languages, or customs from one culture to another? cultural diffusion
Describe renewable resources. natural resources that cannot be used up, or can be replaced
What are some examples of renewable resources? the sun, wind, water, and forests
Describe nonrenewable resources. natural resources that are finite, or limited in supply
What are some examples of nonrenewable resources? minerals, oil, coal, and other fossil fuels
Natural resources help better the life of humans. In what ways can humans use fossil fuels? heat homes, run cars, and generate electricity
Natural resources help better the life of humans. What can the wind and sun provide to humans? produce electricity and provide sources of energy
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