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World Geography

Chapter 1

The science of map making. Cartography
Study of the earth's physical features & the living things. geography
Half of a sphere or globe, as in the earth's Northern & Southern Hemisphere. hemisphere
Places united by a specific characteristics. region
the watery areas of the earth, including oceans, lakes, rivers, & other bodies of water. hydrosphere
surface land areas of the earth's crust, including continents & ocean basins. lithosphere
the pat of the earth where life exists. biosphere
process by which mountains can form as sea plates dive beneath continental plates. subduction
a slow process in which a sea plate slides under a continental plate, creating debris that can cause continents to grow outward. accretion
fine, yellowish-brown topsoil made up of particles of silt & clay, usually carried by the wind. loess
the removal of the salt from sea water to make it usable for drinking & farming. desalination
water within the earth that supplies wells & springs. groundwater
underground water-bearing layers of porous rocky, sand, or gravel. aquifer
a layer of gases that surrounds the earth. atmosphere
a process by which new land is created when sea plates pull apart & magma wells up between the plates. spreading
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