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Stars 6th grade

The life cycle of stars and vocabulary. Mrs.McDermott's 2nd period science class

What is a cloud of dust and gas in space? Nebula
What begins to form out of a nebula? Protostar
What kind of star fuses hydrogen into helium. Often called the adult form of the star? Main-sequence star
When a red giant expands and is no longer able to hold onto its outer layer of gas, what is this outer layer of gas called? Planetary nebula
What happens when a star uses up the supply of hydrogen and expands? It becomes a red giant
When a stars core continues to shrink and the surface heats up, what is this new kind of star called? White dwarf
What is it called when a white dwarf cools off? A black dwarf
These have masses of 10 or more times the sun and luminosities from 30,000 to over a million times our sun. Super giants
What is it called when a star has so much gravity that nothing can escape? Black hole
What is the name of the star who is extremely small and dense,and is completely composed of neutrons? Neutron star
What is an explosion that rips apart a star at the end of its life? Supernova
What is a hot ball of gas held together by its own gravity? Star
What is a number of stars that appear to form a pattern? Constellation
What is the brightness of a star? Magnitude
What is absolute magnitude? The actual brightness of a star
What is apparent magnitude? How bright a star looks from Earth
What is the apparent shift of an object's location when viewed from different places called? Parallax
What is a light year? The distance light travels in one year-9 trillion kilometers
A star's color is related to its_______ Temperature
The coolest stars are________ Red and orange
Warmer stars are________ Yellow
The hottest stars are________ Blue and white
Nuclear reactions within the star create______ The light we see from the star
The star's high temperature cause it to_________ Expand
Gravity causes the star to _______ at the same time as it's expanding Contract
The H-R diagram compares what two elements of stars? Temperature and absolute magnitude
Star begins its life in what stage? Nebula
What does a star become after a nebula? A Protostar
What happens when the center of a protostar reaches several million degrees? It becomes a main-sequence star
What does a main-seqence star do? Fuses hydrogen into helium
What has to happen in order for a main-sequence star for it to become a giant or a supergiant? It will use up the supply of hydrogen in its core and will become a giant or supergiant-depending on its mass
What do stars with UP TO 10x the mass of our sun become as its final stages of its life? First a red giant, then will not be able to hold its outer layers of gas and become a planetary nebula, then the final stage, a white dwarf
What do stars with MORE THAN 10x the mass of our sun become as its final stages of its life? Either a supernova or a black hole, depending on its mass Supernova -a star that expoldes Black Hole-a star with so much gravity that nothing explodes
What is the outer most layer of the sun called? The corona
What is the second layer of the sun is called? The chromosphere
What is the third layer of the sun called? Photosphere
Where does the sun's source of energy come from? Its center
Created by: Siobhanloos79