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hormone flash cards

the types and descriptions of hormones

ADH Antidiuretic -cause kidney to retain water;decreasing urine volume
T3 and T4 Thyroid Hormone T3:Triiodothyronine 3 atoms of iodine T4:Thyroxine 4 atomes of iodine
Glucagon Hormone -islet cell -alpha call secrete these
Insulin -islet cell -beta cell secrete insulin
Epinephrine -one of the main hormones of the adrenal medullae -works with norepinephine also called adrenalin and nonadrenaline
Norepinephrine -hormone secrested by the adrenal medulla that produces actions simuliar to those that result from sympathic simulation
Cortisol -the most abundant glucorticoid 1-break down protein 2-glucose formation 3-triglycerides breakdown 4-anti inflamatory 5-depresssion of immune system
Estrogen -promotes the development and maintenence of a female productive structures -stimulates protiens,synthesis,acting together with insulin and thyroid hormones - lowers blood cholesteral level
PRL -initiates and maintains milk production by the mammory glands
Oxytocin -During and after the delivery of a baby.It has two target tissues, the mothers uterus and breast
hGh -most abundunt anterior oituitary hormone. Promote synthesis and secreation of small protein hormones
TSH -stimulates the synthesis and secretion of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland
FSH -ovaries are the targets. Initiates developemnt of ovarian follicales
LH -targets ovaries. Triggers ovulation. Stimulates formation of corpus lutcum
Progesterone -acts together with estrogen to prepair and then maintain the endometrium for implantation of a fertalized ovum -prepairs mammary glands for secretion
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