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Music History


Missa Papae Marcelli: Palestrina
Deutsche Messe: Martin Luther
Le institutione harmoniche: Gioseffo Zarlino
Synatagma musicum: Praetorius
Missa Pange lingua: Josquin des Prez
Harmonice musices odhecaton: published by Petrucci
Musica Transalpina: Nicholas Yonge
Alleluia: A newe work anonymous
Regina caeli laetare John Dunstable
De plus en plus Binchois
Revellies vous Guillaume Du Fay
Se la face ay pale Guillaume Du Fay
The term used for a vocal piece in which the original secular text has been replaced by a sacred one. contrafactum
The title (and first line) of the well-known fifteenth-century melody that became popular as a tenor for polyphonic masses because it continually outlines fourths and fifths? L’homme arme
A German Reformation hymn text and corresponding tune? Chorale
The Anglican version of the motet? Anthem
The technique in which the vowel sounds of a name or phrase were changed to solmizations syllables and the resulting musical phrase was used as a cantus firmus? Soggetto covato
The type of instrumental work modeled on the vocal motet of the Renaissance? Ricercar
An ensemble of matched instruments corresponding to the vocal ranges? Consort
An instrumental arrangement of a polyphonic chanson? Canzona
The musical genre that characteristically employed the most sophisticated treatment of poetry among the secular genres of the sixteenth-century? Chanson
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