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Fill in the blank. Adults and older people usually have a fear of dying____________? Alone
What is the last sense to be lost as death nears? Hearing
What is there no chance of happening when an illness is terminal? Recovery or Remission
What are the five stages of facing emotions of death? (Dr. Elizabeth-Kubler Ross) Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
How often should teeth and mouth be cleaned when someone is dying? Every 2 hours
What are the psychological factors that can influence living or dying? Hope & Will
What is it call when a client has a "Do Not Resusitate" order in place. DNR order
What is a child's understanding of the process of death and separation? 0-2yrs-no concept 3-5yrs- curious & blames themselves 5-7 yrs- know's it's permanent and won't happen to them
What are some attitudes about death that are influenced by culture? Reincarnation To be reborn as another person or life form Rituals Embalming Spirits & Souls
When the client is willing to accept death it is called __________? Acceptance
When the client can't believe they are dying is called___________? Denial
When a client is sad this is called_____________? Depression
When a client say "You never do anything right". This is the client showing______________? Rage & Anger
When a client say " I won't complain if I can just see my grandchildren". The client is doing what? Bargaining
List some measures to assist with the pain and disomfort management (Physical)? Medication, breathing exercises, repositioning using pillows, resolving a conflict, music, not to many blankets, massage
List some measure to employ that can provide comfort to the sying client? music, lighting, listening,laughter,noise level, room temperature, touch
Define the term "Pallative Care" Services for people with progressive life threatening illnesses or conditions. Service aim to relieve suffering and improve comfort.
List some signs of approaching death? decreased food intake, Dyspnea(breathlessness) sleeps a lot, mottling skin, cold feet & cool skin, unresponsiveness, Death Apnea, gurgling in lungs, loss of muscle tone, dry sore mouth, dehydration
What belief is it when the spirit or sould is reborn in another human or life form? Reincarnation
List signs of death? No pulse, fixed & dilated pupils, Loss of movement, no respitory breathing, mottled skin
How long should you wait after giving meds and giving care to a client? 1/2 hour
What is Creating and focusing on an image called? Guided Imagery
What is a "Phantom Pain" caused from? A body part that is no longer there
What is pain that is felt suddenly from an injury, disease, trauma of surgery called? Accute Pain
What is it called when someone is free from mental & physical stress? Relaxed
How many hours of sleep does a 10 yr old child require? 10-11
What is the definition of "Sleep Deprivation"? The amount & quality sleep declines. Illness & hospital care are common causes. Physical & mental health effects sleep
True or false? A major goal of palliative care is to maintain quality of life in a holistic manner for people living with or dying from a life threatening illness. True
Describe a hospice A place where care is given usually for End of Life Care.
Care that involves someone going to a facility for a short duration is called? Respite
"DNR" stands for what? Do Not Resuscitate
What does "Do Not Resuscitate mean? That a client does not what CPR performed . no live saving measures. Wants to die with diginity & respect
When circulation starts to shut down, you will notice that the external body temperature is cool? True
Mottling is a sign of the respiratory system shutting down and it is when the toes and fingers turn purple? False
Vision is the last sense to be lost in the dying process? False
Explain what should happen after a client dies in a nursing home? Call RPN to access, Notify Physician, let family have time with loved one, clean and prepare body and put in good alignment. RPN will call funeral home
Circulation decreases from the feet up? True
Dentures should be put in the mouth of the client after death has occurred if it the policy of the facility? True
Rigor Mortis is a stiffened condition that occurs 2-3 hours after death? True
The dying person has the right to maintain their individuality? True
The "POA" is someone who executes the will after death? False
The executor is the person that executes the will after death? True
A living will is the same as an advance care directive, both outline's a person's personal care? True
Cheyne-Stokes respirations is a sign that the respiratory system is shutting down? True
A shroud is the wrap used on a person after death, in some facilities? True
Anticipatory grief is when a person experiences loses and sorrow before death? True
A dying person should have their questions answered honestly? True
It is comforting for a person's family to know what to expect in the dying process? True
The Purpose of Edmonton System "Assessment" system (ESAS) is to identify symptoms a a person's experiencing? Trueq
What is Dyspnea? A feeling of breathlessness
What are Opiods? One of the main functions of opioids is to produce sedation and pain relief and they have been used for pain relief over thousands of years.
What are common side effects when using "Opiods"? Constipation & Nausea
What are non verbal behviours when a person is in pain? Resisting Care, facial grimacing & changes in behaviour
The purpose of Hospice Carepalliative care is__________? Care & support to help individuals live as actively as possible thru to death
What does the Acronym "SBAR" stand for? Situation, Background, Assessment(Observe & Report) .Recommend or Report
List the 3 key concepts of loss & grief? 1. Loss in normal 2.greif is natural 3. People grieve in different ways
Describe what an "appropriate" death is? Consideration of and individuals life experieinces, what there preferences are and doing things there own way and making there own choices
What is dying? A journey taken to the end of your life
What are some challenges for someone who is dying? 1. Not knowing when death will occur 2.when to stop active treatment 3.experiencing near death episodes 4.dyspnea & delerium are common 5. not knowing if the latest episode "IS IT"
Created by: Lindasbell