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Science Packet

El Nino Unusual pattern of winds form over the Western Pacific.
La Nina When surface waters in the Eastern Pacific are colder than Normal, a climate event.
Global Warming Gradual increase in the tempature of Earths atmosphere.
Greenhouse Gas Gases in the atmosphere that trap energy.
Chlorofluorocarbon A major cause of ozone depleation is a group of compounds.
Fuel A source of energy. A stance that provides energy such as- heat, light, motion, or electricity- as the result of a chemical change
Energy Transformation A chamge from one form of energy to another.
Combustion Fuels contain stored chemical energy, which can be realeased
Fossil Fuel The energy-rich substances formed from the remains of organisms
Hydrocarbon Chemical compounds that contain carbon and hydrogene atoms
Petroleum Another name for oil
Refinery A factory in which crude oil is heated and seperated into fuels and other products
Petrochemical Compounds that are made from crude oil
Oil Thick, black, liquid fossil fuel formed from the remains of small animals, algae, and other organisms
Coal a solid fossil fuel formed from plant remains
Natural Gas Mixture of methane and other gasses
Greenhouse Gases Gases in our atmosphere that trap heat energy.Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone
Ozone Oxygen 3, special gas that protects Earth from ultraviolet radiation. Although it is a greenhouse gas, it is not directly related Global Warming
Green house effect A natural effect that insulates Earth and keeps atmosphere warm. As a result of influx of additional greenhouse gases (whether man-made or natural) global warming is increasing at a faster rate.
Created by: alliesachar