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The Blue Cross Vocab


waistcoat a vest
ruff a frilly or lacy collar
colossus a person of exceptional importance and reputation;someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful
Gascon a boastful person, a braggart;or a person who is from the French area Gascony
athletic humor ability to amuse others stems from bodily actions
infinitesimally immeasurably or incalculably tiny
grenadier a member of the British Grenadier guards
dais raised platform
conspicuous easy to notice,obvious
statuesque suggestive of a statue in grace, proportion, or dignity
disinterred having been dug up or removed, as from a grave
conscientiously governed by or accomplished according to conscience;careful
regularize to make regular,to cause to conform
islet a little island
unfathomably not able to be understood;not able to fully measured or explored
orthodox adhering to the accepted or traditional and established faith;customary practice or belief
inarticulate uttering without the normal use of intelligible speech
scrutinize to examine or observe with great care
irrelevance the state of having no application or effects in certain circumstances
palatial of or suitable for a palace
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