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Pershing Chpt 5

Pershing Chpt 5 Exploring Space

What is ...the speed needed to break away from a planet's gravity? escape volocity
Who...launched the first liquid-fuel rocket Robert Goddard
What does NASA stand for? National Aeronautics and Space Administration
What burns fuel and uses escaping gases to move a rocket
What is ...the speed needed to travel around a planet? orbital velocity
What is thrust? the pushing or pulling force exerted by a rocket engine
Many of the US rocket scientists came from which country after WWII? Germany
What does a rocket need to carry in order to burn fuel in the vacuum of outerspace? oxygen
What is Newton's 3rd law of motion? For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
What is the Landsat? an Earth-imaging satellite program
What is a human-made object placed in orbit? artificial satellite
What is GEO? (geostationary orbit) the orbit used for communications satellites
Name the first American satellite launched. Explorer I
What are microwaves? a type of radiation used to relay information
What is LEO? (Low Earth Orbit) orbit used for making detailed images of Earth
What type of orbit would be best for a military spy satellite--LEO, GEO, weather balloon or parabolic orbit? LEO
What do people use a GPS for? to get information about their exact location
What allows us to study environmental changes on Earth? satellite remote sensing
What cold, red planet may have been warmer millions of years ago? Mars
Which planet was found to have surface temperatures that could melt lead? Venus
What was Deep Space I designed to do? use ion propulsion
What did Viking 1 and 2 do? looked for signs of life on Mars and studied its soil
What Soviet probe studied Venus's rocks? Venera 9
What did the Pioneer 10 and 11 do? visited the outer planets and collected samples of the solar wind
What is Titan? One of Saturn's moons with an atmosphere similar to early Earth's.
What was discovered by man-made space probes? climate changes on Mars, water on Earth's moons, active volcanoes on Venus
Which space probe was designed for sampling comet dust? Stardust
What did Apollo 11 bring back? moon rocks to study
Name the first Soviet space station. Salyut 1
Name the reusable space vehicle. space shuttle
Who was the first person on the moon? Neil Armstrong
What device is used to study heat from the space shuttles? a heat sensitive hand-held camera
What is the space station? a long-term orbiting platform
What is being constructed in LEO by 16 different countries? the International Space Station
What might be constructed on the moon? a base for exploring the rest of the solar system
Created by: ellist