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the questions about the energy

What are the social consequences of using different sources of energy? By using the biomass to cook will produces air pollution and even harmful to the humans.
What are the environmental consequences of using different sources of energy? As the amount of producing the CO2 is getting higher with greenhouse gases releasing, it enhances Earth’s average temperature--it alters the earth’s climate. The burning processing of fossil fuels has a damage potential to the ecology.
What are the economic consequences of using different sources of energy? As countries become more developed and puissant, more transportations and manufacturing will appear, so the price for energy cost become larger.
How can all humans meet their basic energy needs while ensuring that future generations will be able to do the same? The most practical way is use less energy. Which means energy conservation. Another way is reduce our energy consumption by using energy more efficiently. Third, policies can encourage sustainable energy. m
Created by: shirleyncpa