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smateacher Science 6

6th gr bjup testing

Food chain The simpliest description of the interaction of producers and consumers
Food web A description of energy consumption in an ecosystem
Galaxy Star system containing millions to billions of stars; universe has billions of galaxies
Geyser Hot spring with fountain action
Habitat A specific place where an animal liv├Ęs
Fusion The combination of nuclei
Gravity The pull or force of one body on another
Heart rate The number of times the heart beats in a given period
Herbivore A plant eater
Hibernation A state of inactivity during winter
Host parasite relationship An association between two organisms that may be harmful to one
Inertia The resistance to change in position. Tendency of an objuect to maintain its condition of rest or motion unless a force acts upon it
Instinct The behavior animals are born knowing
Isotope One of two or more atoms with the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons
Larnyx The voice box
Lava Magma that spills onto the earth's surface
Law A statement that is made after many observations of the same occurrence
Learned behavior An action resulting from tiail and error
Magma Liquid rock
Magnitude A number representing the size of seismic waves
Marrow Tissue in the center of the bone
Matter All material in the universe:anything that takes up space and has weight
Migration Regular travel as a response to a seasonal change, usually to find better weather or food
Mixture A combination of two or more substances involving only a physical change
A food web starts with a what producers, usually plants which get their food from the Sun
A food chain ends With what Consumers
Created by: smateacher
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