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Greek I Vocab

Vocab words from Greek I

τεκνον Child
δια Through, Against
δοξα Glory
εκεινος That
λαμβανω I take, Receive
εισερχομαι I go into, Enter
μετα With, After
αληθεια Truth
αγγελος Angel
λυω I loosen, Set free, Destroy
καρδια Heart
ψυχη Flesh
λεγω Say, Speak
πλοιον Boat, Ship
απολυω I release, Dismiss
αυτος He
ουτος αυτα τουτο He, She, It
γενησομαι I will become
παλιν Again
λημψομαι I will receive, I will take
εὶ If
εφαγον I ate
εσχατος Last
τε weak “and”
αρτος Bread
διδασκω I teach
αποκτειηω I kill
δαιμονιον Demon
απεθανον I died
εβαλον I threw
εγειρω I rise up, wake
ευρον I found
εγω I
ημερα Day
τοτε Then
πιστος Faithfull Believing
βιβλιον Book
γαρ For
θανατος Death
θρονος Throne
ζωη Life
οφθαλμος Eye
ουτε Neither, Nor
υπερ + acc Above
εκ εξ From, Out of
καλος Good beautiful
ερηνη Peace
νεκρος Dead
καθος As even as
αρχω I rule, I begin
διδαξω I will teach
φευγω I flee
φευξομαι I will flee
εφυγον I fled
παρα + acc By, Along
παρα + acc Beside
επι +dat In addition to
ελαβον I took
περι + acc To, Towards
υπο +gen By
προσερχομαι I come to, Approach
εγενομην I became
κατα +acc According to
ειπον I said
επι +gen on, upon, over
δοξαζω I glorify
κυριος Lord
θεραπευω I heal, serve
ερημος Desert, wilderness
μενω I remain
καταβαινω I go down
ετι Yet, Still
δικαιοσυνη Righteousness
αναβιαινω I go up
μελλω I am about to
ανογω I open
νυν Now
οικια House
κηρυσσω I preach
εν In
θαυμαζω I wonder, Marvel
αποστελλω I send (away)
εξερχομαι I go out
ηγαγον I led
μαθητης Disciple
ουτως Thus
οφειλω I ought, I must, I owe
επιστρεφω I turn, I return
αγιος Holy
λιθος Stone
περι +acc About or concerning
μεν....δε On the one hand… On the other hand
γενησομαι I will become
βαπτιζω I baptize
αγαθος Good, useful
κατα+gen Against
αλλος Other, another
μετα+acc After, behind
όλος Whole
αγω I lead
θεος God
διερχομαι I go through
ουν Therefore, Accordingly
γινωσκω I know
φωνη sound, voice, noise
άμαρτια Sin
λαος people, crowd
δει It is necessary
εργον work
δε And, but
κρινω Judge, decide
απο From
ηδη Already
εις Into, among
όδος Road, way
εξουσια Power, authority
εχω I have
ιερον Temple
επεσον I fell
γη γης Earth, land
πιστευω I believe
τοπος Place
επι+acc On, over, towards
ίματιον Cloak, garment
ύπερ+gen For, on behalf of
μετα+gen with
αποκρινομαι I answer
απερχομαι I depart, go away
ύπο+acc Under
θαλασσα Lake, sea
αιρω I take up, lift up
βασιλεια Kingdom
ηλθον I went
ου ουκ ουχ not
ουδε and not, not even
εκκλησια Church, assembly, congregation
επιον I drank
ειδον I saw
αμαπτωλος Sinner
αγαπη Love
πειθω I persuade
ετοιμαζω I prepare
αλλα But
διδασκαλος Teacher
δικαιος Right, just
γινομαι I become, happen, arise, appear
ιδιος One’s own
κραζω I cry out
δια+acc Because of
ύιος Son
προσωπον Face, appearance
φερω I bring, carry
ότι That, since, because
αδελφος brother
βαλλω I throw
δεχομαι I take, receive, accept
συν With
δυναμαι I am able, I can
πορευομαι I go, I walk, I travel
πινω I drink
πινομαι I will drink
και And, even, also
προσευκομαι I pray
συναγω I gather
κοσμος Universe, world
μικρος Small, little
πονητος Evil, bad
σημειον Sign, wonder
ανθρωπος Man, mankind
πιπτω I fall
επεσον I fell
κατα+gen Against
ιδου Behold, see
εκει There
επχομαι I come, I go
νομος Law
οχλος Crowd, multitude
ουρανος Heaven, sky
δουλος Servant, Slave
έυρισκω I find
συ You
ώρα Hour
βλεπω I see, look
σωζω I save, deliver, rescue
πεμπω I send
αποθνησκω I die
οινος Wine
θελω I wish
πρωτος First, earlier
αμην Amen, truly
λογος Word
εσχον I had
προφητης Prophet
εσθιω I eat
ακουω I hear
ύποστρεφω I return
Created by: Skylergrey