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Kaplan Basic Labs

Na 135-145 High: dehydration, Cushings, DI, Low: burns, NVD, CHF, SIADH, nephritis
K 3.5 - 5.2 High: oliguria, anuria, RF, acidosis, tissue dmg Low: VD, malnutrition, stress, injury, diuretics
Chl 99 - 108 High: D, hyperNA, renal dz, dehydration, hyperventilation Low: prolonged V, burns, Ulcer Colitis, gastroenteritis, DM
Mg 1.5 - 3.5 High: severe dehydration, renal failure, leukemia Low: malnutrition, cirrhosis, chronic D
BUN 8-21 High: dehydration, impaired renal fxn, GI bleed, shock Low: starvation, liver dmg, celiacs, low protein diet, FVO, infancy
Cr 0.6-1.2 High: renal failure, shock, UTO, lupus, acromegaly Low: MD, pregnancy, eclampsia, liver dz
Protein 6 - 8 High: dehydration, chronic inflammation Low: FVO, hepatic insufficiency, malnutrition
RBC 4 - 6 High: dehydration, etc Low: FVO, anemias, renal, hemorrhage, etc
WBC 4 - 10 High: UTI, bac infection, toxic states, tissue dmg Low: typhoid fever, lupus, drug reaction, blood disorders
Platelets 145 - 345 High: polycythemia Low: leukemias, aplastic anemias
Hbg 12.5 - 16 High: dehydration, polycythemia, stress, burns Low: iron def anemia, cirrhosis, hemorrhage
Hct 35 - 47.7 High: dehydration, hypovolemia, diarrhea, stress burns Low: acute blood loss, anemias, malnutrition, leukemia
Albumin 3.5 - 5 High: dehydration, exercise Low: liver dz, malnutrition, D, burns, starvation
Pre-Albumin 15 - 36 High: Low:
GFR 0.5 - 1.2 High: Renal,
Phosphorus 2.5 - 5 interpret w Ca High: ARF, CRF, cehmo, milk, laxatives, vit D, Low:malnutrition, ETOH withdrawal, antacids
Total Bilirubin 0 - 1.5 High:erythoblasstosis fetalis, sickle cell, Hep Low:Fe deficiency anemia, drugs ASA, PCN
Ca 8.2 - 10.2 high: diet, hyperparathyroid, meyloma, carcinoma, thiazides Low: D, chronic infection, burns, hypoparathyroid, CRF, pancratitis
Lipase 4 - 24 High: pancreatitis, mumps, TBI, renal transplant, cirrhosis
Amylase 6 - 160 High: Pancreatitis, cholecystitis
Iron 42 - 135 High: hematochromatosis, Fe intake, liver necrosis Low: anemia, immunodeficiency, leukemia, lymphoma, nephrotic syndrome
PaO2 80 - 100, COPD 70+ High: breathing Low: CO2 exposure, anemias, pulmonary dz
CO2 35 - 45 High: respiratory acidosis, hypoventilation Low: respiratory alkalosis, hypoxia, hyperventilation, anxiety
HCO3 22 - 26 High: metabolic alkalosis Low: Metabolic acidosis
pH 7.35 - 7.45 High: alkalosis Low: acidosis
PTT 20 - 40 sec heparin High: liver dz, low Vit k, R/O hemorrhage Low:risk for clot, High Vit K, hormone therapy
PT 9.5 - 12 sec Warfarin High:risk for bleed, Low: risk for clot, increase drug therapy
AST/ALT 8 - 40 High: live cell damage
CVP 3 - 12 cm High: hypervolemia, poor CO Low: hypovolemia
MAP 70 - 110 MAP = (SBP + 2DBP) / 3 High: See formula Low: inadequate tissue perfusion
Urine specific gravity 1.010 - 1.030
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