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4th Science

4th grade science review Ch.4-6

How much of the earth is covered by water three-fourths
inventor of the phonograph Thomas Edison
Why do birds migrate? they cannot survive the winter in cold climates
used to locate icebergs and submarines sonar
sound is produced when..... an object vibrates
the two gases that make up water hydrogen and oxygen
water in the gaseous state water vapor
inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell
animal that hears the highest frequencies bats
sound waves travel the fastest through which state of matter solid
Does sound travel faster or slower than light? slower
part of the ear that contains the hammer, anvil, and stirrup middle ear
snail-shaped part of the ear that contains the organ of hearing cochlea
reflected sound that is heard again echo
What are clouds made of? water and air
anything that takes up space and has weight matter
process where water vapor turns back to a liquid condensation
boiling point of water 212 degrees F
three states of matter solid, liquid, gas
air has weight so it exerts..... pressure
freezing point of water 32 degrees F
tiny particles that make up molecules atoms
process where water turns from a liquid to a gas (water vapor) evaporation
carries the message of sound to the brain auditory nerve
the lowest frequency that a human can hear 20 times per second
vibrations of the vocal cords produce.... speech
Is sound a form of energy? yes
Can sound waves travel through empty space? no
when an object vibrates very rapidly the sounds produced have a .... high pitch
Do bats see with their ears? yes
bossy bird that plants oak trees blue jay
singing bird that mimics mockingbird
bird with an extra-long tongue to eat insects woodpecker
chubby bird that nests in unusual places wren
bird that walks headfirst down trees nuthatch
tiny bird that can fly backward hummingbird
bird that hangs upside down chickadee
spangled bird found in every part of the U.S. and Canada starling
Why does a low-frequency sound have a low pitch? the object vibrates slowly
Why are feathers important for birds? to keep warm; to fly
Created by: Walker83