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Matter and Motion

Chapter 1.4

Who popularized this______________ (earth Centered) view of the universe? Aristotle; Geocentric
The belief that God and nature are one is called what? pantheism
Who prposed around 300 B.C that the earth orbited the sun? Aristarchus
Who was an astronomer of Alexandria, Egypt that adopted and expanded Arostotle's geocentric views? Ptolemy
Who Challenged the pobular geocentric system and offered a theory of a sun centered system? Nicolaus Copernicus
_______________ (sun Centered) theory of the universe was born. heliocentric
Who built an improved version of the telescope, which had been invented by a German a few years ealier? Galileo Galilei
Who was a godly Lutheran whose goal was to find the Mathmaticalharmonies in the mind of the Creator? Johann Kepler
An _______________ does not have a center point like a circle. ellipse
Which one of Keplers law stated that every planet orbits the sun in an ellipse, with the sun as one of the foci of the ellipse and an emty point in space as the other? The First Law
Which one of Keplers laws state that as a planet moves closer to the sun, it travels faster; and as it moves farther away, it slows down? The Second Law
Which one of keplers laws of planatery motion shows that the time it takes a planet to complete one orbit is related to the planets distance from the sun? The Third Law
What do they measure planets in? Astronomical Units
Who Identified ____________ a force of attraction that exist between two objects? Issac Newton
What states thet the strength of the gravitational force between two objects depends on its mass and the distance between them? The Law of Universal Gravitaion
Created by: dj34325