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MBE Property II

Property - Landlord Tenant and Titles

Landlord Tenant and Titles - Coverage Areas -Landlord Tenant --Subleases --Assignments --Eviction --Rights and duties -Titles --Adverse possession --Lateral and subjacent Support --Growing crops --Water Rights --Conveyancing
Checkpoint Items -Landlord Tenant --Common law --Lots of statutes -Crossover with Torts and Contracts -Assignments and Subleases -Adverse Possession --Watch for statutes -Conveyancing
Constructive Eviction Premises "uninhabitable" & Tenant must move out.
Four Types of Tenancy 1)Tenancy for years-Fixed term 2)Periodic Tenancy-No ending date 3)Tenancy at will-Indefinite 4)Tenancy at Sufferance-Holdover tenant
Delivery of Possession - English Rule LL has a duty to deliver possession at the lease inception (American view contra: T only has cause of action again holdover T).
Subjacent and Lateral Support Landowner is strictly liable if his excavation causes unimproved adjacent land to subside.
Adverse Possession 1) Physical Element (a)Actual and exclusive (cannot be shared) (b)Open and Notorious 2)Mental Element - Adverse and Hostile (Cannot be permissive) 3)For the statutory period
Statute of Frauds MYLEGS...
Created by: Gkell001