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Step 3 Peds knowledge

Toxoplasmosis Features Hydrocephalus, intracranial calcifications, chorioretinitis
Rubella Blueberry muffin spots, cataract, deafness, heart defects
CMV Microcephaly and periventricular calcification
Herpes Week 1: PNA; Week 2: Skin Vesicles; Week 3: Meningoencephalitis
Syphillis SNUFFLES! (Mucopurulent rhinitis); desquamating limbs
Varicella Neonate: PNA. Congenital: Limb hypoplasia
17a, 21a, and 11a hydroxylase deficiency: which ones have hypertension if the first digit is 1 then hypERtension. Second digit is 1, then dick? maybe. (ambiguous)
Precocious pseudo-puberty: what is it +PIMPLES +sexual development
Cause of precocious pseudopuberty too much sex hormone; eg 21 hydrox deficiency
Contraindications to TDaP Anaphylaxis, or encephalopathy
Rubella. What does it look like. Mild fever symptoms with rash that starts at the head and travels downward.
Contraindications to MMR 1. Active fever; 2. anaphylaxis to neomycin or gelatin 3. Severe immunodeficiency 4. Thrombocytopenia after prior MMR 5. Preggers 6. Recent IVIG
Created by: fuboy1986